We have discontinued our breeding program indefinately. Thank you for visiting.

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Minnesota & North America

Restoring a Rare breed

Volpino Italiano Breeding sort of chose me. I am a portrait photographer that fell in love with the Volpino Italiano back in 2016. After adopting my Angel from Oklahoma, I discovered that I loved them so much I just had to do my part in helping them stick around.

Our current breeding pair we found in Massachusetts and Alabama. They are on the big side but they are just loving balls of fluff. Luna is a good mother and Timian is efficient in his task, yielding 5-6 puppies per litter.

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Our Fur Families are Saying...

"We find our Volpino to be a great family pet. He fits us well and we look forward to many years to come with him!"

-Hillary Erickson

 I want to also give Nicole Hollenkamp a KUDOS for raising such beautiful dogs. Gracie's vet gave her an A+ on everything!

-Elana Hall